THETA SOUNDS is a collective work of sounds and musical tones that is meant to put into a state of relaxation and possibly deep hypnotic sleep.

Each of the 16 different tracks where you can listen to 5 minutes samples have deep resonating BASS, or lowest possible frequency. So, it is absolutely important that your portable player settings is optimal to handle the lower frequencis to eliminate distortions.

You might find certain tracks ideal for Yoga session, Massage therapy, Reiki Healing, Pranic Healing, Past Life Regression, Ta'i Chi, Meditation, or any form of progressive Spiritual work.

In certain cases if you have Insomnia, the music here could possibly help you fall into deep sleep.

Kindly Relax, take a deep breath, and listen to each of the 16 tracks slowly so you can absorb the energies. Once you feel certain that a particular track resonates with your being, then decide for yourself what is the total duration (in minutes) you would like for your personal use or your spiritual work.

You can choose the following length(s) : 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes. Please click on Digital Downloads TAB for finer details. You would be directed to CD Baby website.



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  • 30 minutes - $1.69 per track
  • 60 minutes - $2.79 per track
  • 90 minutes - $3.69 per track

DISCLAIMER/WARNING: The Music of Theta Sounds is meant to be listened at home or for relaxation purpose(s) only. Please DO NOT Listen while DRIVING or OPERATING a Motor Vehicle.


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Licensing Details: Please contact us if you would like to use any of the music tracks for your own production. We would like to work with you.





Subha's Music Album GOLDEN LIGHTS


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Subha is a New Age/Smooth Jazz keyboardist and a Composer Subha's music style is a fusion of various genres such as world, chill-out, organic ambient, pop, latin and jazz.

A self taught musician, Subha learned to play the Harmonium while growing up in India. A harmonium is a free standing instrument where sounds are produced by hand operated bellows. In his late teens he developed a fascination for electronic keyboard instruments.

The artist believe in creating music without limitations nor boundaries to a given genre set, using the Universe as a palette of creation.

The artist draws inspiration from artists like Keiko Matsui - who incorporates sounds of musical instruments rarely heard or used. Sade - percussion, bass style. Phil Collins - use of background pads. Yanni - catchy melodies simple and elegant. Chris Spheeris, Loreena Mckennit - world music. Sting - experiment and fuse various genres into a single album.

Subha released his 1st music album ILLUSIONS in October 1997. His current album - GOLDEN LIGHTS was released on Sept 18th, 2009.



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